photo MiniWay

Two-Wheeled Inverted Pendulum Intelligent Mobile Robot "MiniWay"

They are made to stand from the pendulum made inverted well. The basis of a dynamic balance control of the robot can be learnt by the process.
Two-wheel inverted pendulum structure to master two degree of freedom (Achieve a dynamic autonomic movement) that is the most basic of the dynamic control is adopted, and the current measurement etc. of the acceleration sensor, the rate gyro sensor, the rotary encoder, and each motor have been equipped normally with MiniWay.
The skill to lead interdisciplinary basic knowledge across two or more study fields of an advanced programming, a peripherals control, a dynamic system control, a real-time control, and the simulation analysis, etc. and a realistic method of settlement can be acquired by using MiniWay in an advanced technical training to the university student master's course etc.
Moreover, a continuous drive of payload 1.5kg, 10 degrees in the climbing up the slope corner, and 4 hours or less is achieved, and MiniWay can be used in not only the room but also the playground, etc. in outdoor. Various, original robots based on the inverted pendulum can be constructed by using various enhancing connectors and 11 I/O ports.